Unseen Heroes - The People Behind The Power

UnseenHeroes is committed to promoting the history and pride of the men and women that work in the Electric Utility Industry. As part of this unique and important community the people are often lost in the technologies that provide the power that runs our modern society. UnseenHeroes recognizes the human element of the valuable service our industry provides. UnseenHeroes are "THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE POWER".

UnseenHeroes is the place to learn our history and to show our pride in the important work we do.

Dave McRae started UnseenHeroes as a labor of love when he recognized that the industry he has worked in for more that 20 years does not promote its value to the communities that we live in, our families and friends or even between each other. We are not one of those career choices that kids aspire to choose in their youth. Why is that? We provide the most important products and services know to modern man... ELECTRICITY. Nothing works without it. And yet very few people know anything about where it comes from or who makes it. We within the industry do not respect our history in the modernizing of civilization and the exciting past we all share. Dave wants to change these things by educating others as to the history and the pride we should feel when we tell others where we go when we go to work.

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